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Bring The Outdoors In.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature within your own four walls as we bring the outdoors in with our exquisite greenwall installations and captivating preserved moss art.  GreenMountain GreenWalls proudly services Vermont and Northeastern New York.
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Are you ready to bring the peace & tranquility of the outdoors into your own home or business?

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Our expertise extends from crafting intimate 2x3 ft living wall installations to transforming vast 2,000 sq ft commercial spaces into breathtaking green sanctuaries. At the heart of our mission is the commitment to accessibility, ensuring that every budget and space size can partake in the beauty of nature indoors.
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About GreenMountain GreenWalls

At GreenMountain GreenWalls, we specialize in seamlessly blending the splendor of the outdoors with your indoor spaces. Immerse yourself in the world of our top-tier living plant walls and exquisite sculptures, designed to elevate the ambiance of homes and businesses alike!

We pride ourselves on treating all clients with the same level of care and enthusiasm. Our ultimate goal is to infuse life and vibrancy into your surroundings through the enchanting power of plants. Join us on the journey to rejuvenate your space with nature's finest! We are proud to be the only business offering living plant wall services in Northern and Central Vermont!
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GreenMountain GreenWalls is proud to offer living plant walls for both Interior & Exterior Walls. Click below to learn more.
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Moss Art

When it comes to moss art, we have you covered. We offer moss walls, framed pieces, and moss sculptures.
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Our interior landscaping services include interior planters and potted plants & containers. Creating custom solutions for any space.
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We offer weekly, biweekly & monthly services for our installations. We work with clients to develop best practices and flexible options.
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"We recently worked with GreenMountain GreenWalls on two large projects, one residential and one commercial.  Brady and his team were AMAZING!  They went the extra mile to help us template the perfect shape for a complicated curved wall with an organic-shaped moss feature that integrated with wood and it turned out better than anticipated.  The communication, organization and trust can’t be beat.  We are looking forward to working with them soon.”

Frequently Asked Questions

A Greenwall is a living plant wall, using primarily tropical and subtropical foliage plants.
If the green wall is too large to be watered by hand, there is an integrated irrigation system. Other maintenance includes grooming and fertilizing, which is included in the maintenance contract.
Yes, we use all real, cut, and preserved moss. So although the moss is no longer living, it is biomaterial.
Since this is a cut and preserved product, our moss art is maintenance-free. It can be expected to last 10-15 years in almost any interior condition.
Yes! Our mission is to provide living plant walls or preserved moss art installations in any environment- whether it be a small 2x3 piece in your living room or a large-scale commercial project.
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Elevate Your Surroundings, Improve Air Quality, and Create a Healthier, Happier Environment for Yourself and Your Loved Ones.

Think a greenwall is out of your price range? Think again! GreenMountain GreenWalls can work with almost any budget. Contact us today to learn more about our accessible packages.
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