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At GreenMountain GreenWalls, we specialize in seamlessly blending the splendor of the outdoors with your indoor spaces. Immerse yourself in the world of our top-tier living plant walls and exquisite sculptures, designed to elevate the ambiance of homes and businesses alike!

We pride ourselves on treating all clients with the same level of care and enthusiasm. Our ultimate goal is to infuse life and vibrancy into your surroundings through the enchanting power of plants. Join us on the journey to rejuvenate your space with nature's finest! We are proud to be the only business offering living plant wall services in Northern and Central Vermont!
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Two workers installing a vertical plant wall indoors; one is on a ladder, and another stands on the floor. In a second image, two men in black shirts and caps stand in front of the completed plant wall and smile.
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Elevate Your Surroundings, Improve Air Quality, and Create a Healthier, Happier Environment for Yourself and Your Loved Ones.

Think a Greenwall is out of your price range? Think again! GreenMountain GreenWalls can work with almost any budget. Get in touch today to learn more about our accessible packages.
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