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Interior Landscaping

Enhance your business space with tailored indoor plant solutions.
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Breathe Life into Your Space

At Green Mountain Green Wall, we transform commercial spaces into vibrant, green havens. Our interior landscaping services are designed to revitalize your work environment, boosting productivity and well-being.

Whether it's an office space, a hotel, or an entertainment venue, GreenMountain GreenWalls defy limitations with creative solutions, recommending indoor plants that thrive and enhance existing decor. 
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Why Choose Indoor Planters for Your Business?

Indoor planters are more than just decorating. They are a statement of your commitment to a healthier, more sustainable workplace. Studies show that incorporating greenery into your workspace can improve air quality, reduce stress, and enhance employee focus.

Personalized Selection

Every business is unique, and so are its needs. We handpick plants that suit your space, light conditions, and aesthetic preferences.

Custom Design

From contemporary minimalist designs to lush, vibrant themes, we tailor our planters to complement your business's personality.

Professional Installation

Our team ensures a seamless installation process, with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Ongoing Care

We don’t just set up and leave. Our maintenance services ensure your planters remain fresh and flourishing.
A moss wall in a living room.

Our Process



We begin with understanding your vision and requirements.


Design Proposal

Our experts create a design plan that aligns with your business ethos.



Efficient and professional installation of your new planters.


Maintenance Plan

Optional ongoing care to keep your plants healthy and vibrant.
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Experience the GreenMountain GreenWalls Difference

At GreenMountain GreenWalls, we are passionate about bridging the gap between nature and design. Our preserved moss wall art allows you to enjoy the timeless beauty of moss without the need for maintenance. 

Whether you choose Moss Wall Panels” Services, Framed Moss Wall Art Services, or Moss Sculpture, you are bringing a touch of nature's elegance into your life. Ready to transform your space with the timeless beauty of preserved moss? Contact us for a free consultation!
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