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Our Process

Two men in black sweatshirts and caps stand side by side in front of a green leafy wall, smiling at the camera.


In this initial contact phase, we'll gauge interest and finances, educate you on what we do, what a Greenwall is, and all their benefits. 


In the design phase, you can expect us to:
Take pictures of potential spaces for a living plant wall.
Gather an understanding of the general aesthetic the you're looking for.
Create Photoshop renderings, along with a full proposal for the space with up to two revisions at no cost to the customer.
Two men are interacting near an indoor plant wall; one is holding a plant while wearing a black shirt and cap, and the other is facing away, wearing a beige beanie and dark jacket.
Two people are installing plants on a vertical garden inside a building. One person is on a ladder arranging plants, while the other hands over plants from the floor. A large window is in the background.


Once approved, we send installation and maintenance contracts along with non-circumvention contacts. Once we receive back the signed contracts we collect a 50% deposit to cover materials. At this point, the estimated date of the project completion is established. 

We then move forward with finalizing the design of the piece and ordering all necessary materials. This process can vary - if it is a fully equipped wall with stainless steel trim and cabinets, water tanks/pumps, and irrigation, this could take up to 10 weeks. 

At this point, we order hardware straight to the job site to limit overhead and order plants to our space a week in advance of installation to monitor for pests. During this time, we reach out once a week and keep you updated on the progress of material acquisition along with updates from material suppliers on the original estimated project completion date. 


In the phase, you can expect us to:
Install hardware. This includes plywood backing, waterproofing membrane, trim and cabinets, trays and irrigation lines, tanks, pumps, and the irrigation control unit, in that order.
Install plants on site.
Pricing for all walls includes the first two maintenance visits. This ensures we can watch as the plants acclimate. At the end of this period, the maintenance agreement kicks in.
Two men are installing a vertical garden on a wall inside a building. The garden consists of various green plants. A large window is visible in the background.
A person wearing a cap and black shirt tends to a wall of green plants in an indoor setting.


Depending on which maintenance contract is signed or the need for maintenance at all we revisit the site weekly, biweekly, monthly (for living plant walls), or not at all if it is a moss wall. 

The maintenance Contract is good for one year, so we will renew it annually with you!
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